The modern take on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” on Broadway is a revival that adds intriguing elements of racial disparity to the typical tale involving the two star-crossed lovers. Condola Rashad and Orlando Bloom stars in this contemporary take on the Shakespeare’s classic. The director does not concentrate on love too much but on its importance in the current world and society. The cast of this tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers include;

  • Orlando Bloom- Romeo
  • Condola Rashad- Juliet
  • Brent Carver- Nurse
  • Chuck Cooper- Lord Capulet
  • Christian Camargo- Mercutio
  • Roslyn Ruff- Lady Capulet
  • Conrad Kemp- Benvolio
  • Corey Hawkins-Tybalt
  • Justin Guarini- Paris
  • Geoffrey Owens- Prince Escalus

The story is written by William Shakespeare and the classic at Broadway consists of a number of creative team which include;

  • David Leveaux- Director
  • Fabio Toblin- Costume Designer
  • Jesse Poleshuck- Set Designer
  • David Weiner- Lighting Designer
  • David Van Tieghem- Sound designer


The Story

The play begins with a street fracas between the Capulet’s and Montague’s servants who are sworn enemies just like their masters. Before Juliet meets with Romeo the Nurse and Lady Capulet are seen trying to convince Juliet to agree to the courtship proposal from Paris. Romeo gets together with Juliet at a costume party. The scene presents a love at first sight as Romeo falls for the lovely young lady (Juliet) who on the other hand feels exactly the same way for him. Juliet’s is aged 13 but the age of Romeo is not specified. They both e engage in a romantic and passionate conversation over the balcony and both decide that it is of must they get married at once.

After the scene at the balcony, Romeo sneaks to the Capulet Orchard when he overhears Juliet vowing to love him regardless of the hatred between their families. Through the assistance from Friar Laurence (a wise advisor to Juliet and Romeo) they got married the following day with hope that their families will reconcile through their marriage union. The decision to get married makes the moment a picture-perfect union of family souls. However, this does not become the case because of the fact that their families were sworn enemies. Tragic events enter in motion when Juliet’s cousin Tybalt engages into a fight with Romeo which makes negative alterations to the lives of the two young couples and all the people who loved them. Tybalt challenges Romeo for a fight but Romeo refuses the duel because he now takes Tybalt as his kinsman. However, Mercutio feels offended by the insolence exhibited by Tybalt and agrees to fight on behalf of Romeo. During the fight Mercutio is critically wounded and Romeo joins in to separate the fight. Romeo is struck with grief and guilt and confronts Tybalt and ends up slaying him.

After the scene the Prince exiles Romeo from the Verona and says that if he returns death will be the penalty. Secretly, Romeo spends that night in Juliet’s chambers and both consummate their marriage. Romeo believes that Juliet is dead after she was laid in the family tomb after taking a drug. Romeo buys a poison and then goes to the crypt where he encounters Paris who had come to privately mourn Juliet. Romeo confronts Paris and they engage in a battle where Romeo ends up killing Paris. Romeo still believes that Juliet is still dead and this triggers him to take the poison causing him to die. Juliet awakens to find Romeo dead and she stabs herself with a dagger and dies.

The Prince and the feuding families of Romeo and Juliet meet at the tomb where they find the three dead. The feuding families are then united by the deaths of their children’s and they agree to end the long violent feuds. The tragic story/play ends with and elegy for the lovers from the Prince.

Romeo (Orlando Bloom) is a character who makes impressive Broadway debut/first appearance and he gets a lovely compliment Juliet (Condola Rashad) who appears to be devoted, wide-eyed and pure making the play a striking theater piece. The cast of the story makes the universality of the play theme to look modern and never grows old. The story majors on themes about; finding love, maintaining the love, fate and chance, time, the expenses of love and eventually the victory of love over hate. The directed by David Leveaux is a very provocative production containing the urban and modern vibe.